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See things differently to manage stress and depression

  1. One should not expect our lives to be always sunny and laying on the beach for the whole day. Hardship/accident/loss/responsibility happens. Realize this and be prepared.

  2. When hardship comes, ask not to get away from it, but to get the strength to overcome it. Empower yourself.

  3. When life is messy and chaotic, it is only because you do not put them into order. Build a healthy routine and coping mechanism. [Read more: Stress Management: How to Reduce, Prevent, and Cope with Stress]

  4. If a serious illness or intense situation happens, first calm down, evaluate, then admit the severity. Do not expect a miraculous button to be pushed and turn everything back to “normal”. [Read more: 7 Habits For Managing Chronic Illness]

  5. Treatment with no side-effects at all is very likely not to have any effects either. But this empty hope delays your real effective help. We cut off an arm or leg to save the rest of the body when needed.

  6. The way it used to be is exactly the path that leads you to the difficulty today. Do not be afraid to break out from it.

  7. Live the moment. Do not linger on how great it used to be or overthink how hard it might be in the future.

  8. Do not make any big decisions out of fear, anger or desperation. Take time to digest a piece of shocking news before rushing into anything.

  9. If your life is full of shocking and overwhelming events, you would better check your trigger level and tune it down. Not to forget to build a better coping mechanism. [Read more: Yin Yang philosophy and mental health]

  10. No one lives on an island and our relationship is not a zero-sum game. Connect and work with each other. Think win-win.

  11. Saying no or having a confrontation could be productive and necessary. Learn to do it properly.

  12. No one thinks your ego is important but you, so drop it for good.

  13. Feelings are important but most often overrated. Try also to look into the matter of fact.

  14. We can be anything we want… at a cost! So be careful of what you wish for and be prepared to pay for it.

  15. Money is important, but it cannot buy you everything. Earn and invest in something valuable. It could be a relationship, virtue, wisdom, health or spiritual fulfilment.

  16. Money is still important in daily life. Improve your productivity and earning ability. Do have a good saving habit. Prepare for emergency funds. [Read more: Effects of financial stress on your health and how you can cope]

  17. If you have a fortune to make a lot of money, the numbers are not yours until it is spent on something meaningful. Try to find the meaning in making a common prosperity but not merely a self gain.

  18. What other people tell you that is important might indeed be insignificant to you, like the news. Differentiate truth and facts from the massive sea of information.

  19. Hold on to the truth but remember there are only very few true truths. So most of the time we need to walk somewhere in between and compromise.

  20. Many things happen randomly but most of the things happen for a reason. Connect the dots.

  21. Stop whining about things. Either make a change or accept the situation as is.

  22. Making change takes time and energy. Be patient and well-planned. [Read more: How To Get The Right Mindset For Weight Loss]

  23. We rest so we can continue our life journey. Prioritize resting and self-care.

  24. If you want others to love you, first love yourself and be loveable. [Read more: Practicing gratitude brings health benefits]

  25. Everyone shows love in their unique way, do not force others to love you as you wish them to. Instead, try to understand and appreciate the way other people love you.

  26. One cannot afford something one does not own. First, take care of yourself then care for others.

  27. If someone is behaving toxic, it is reasonable to keep distance from them for self protection, even for a family member. But do not stop loving them.

  28. Making mistakes is a great way to learn. First learn not to make mistakes, then learn to fix mistakes. Do allow yourself and others rooms to make mistakes, but prevent mistakes from happening.

  29. Dealing with teenagers is like flying a kite: always keep an eye on them and guide them but let go so they can fly.

  30. The only way to deal with rebellious teenagers is to start treating them as an adult. Adults take up responsibility and own their behaviour. Preparing and equipping offspring for the future is the parents’ responsibility. If parents are not doing the job right, do not blame the kids for being irresponsible.

  31. Our parents are not saints, they make mistakes too. Sometimes we just have to grow up on our own. Find the power to forgive and love. And believe that whatever happened, is the best that it could be.

  32. Be noble. Power only has meaning if it is used right. And it is only right for justice and virtue. [Read more: The Five Virtues Of Confucianism For A Happier And More Successful Life]

  33. Just because you can, does not mean you should. Restrain yourself.

  34. The world is bigger than we thought. Stay foolish, stay hungry.

  35. Mankind has its own limitations. Believe in greater power and be humble.

  36. Everyone is equal but not the same. We are equal is a way that we are born with our own strength. Find it.

  37. Have hope and faith. Use your strength to serve a purpose in life.

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