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Patient experience

Over the past few decades, patient experience has become widely recognized as one of the main indicators of the quality of healthcare services. Patient experience is linked to their perception of care. In other words, it describes how a person feels about their experience of receiving care.

It is the result of a vast and complex network of quality of care factors. Patient experience is now considered one of the key indicators of quality in healthcare delivery.


Greetings from Koper

I am writing to thank you for your treatment. My partner and I have been trying for 6 years to get pregnant, but without success. IVF was also very unsuccessful. In the summer of 2020 we decided to try your therapy. After the therapy was finished, you assured us that my hormonal status was in balance and that the doctors should check my hormonal picture. And it was exactly as you said. My hormonal status was 1A. That's when we decided to try the IVF procedure again. After 6 years, we got pregnant for the first time. The embryo cells divided beautifully... and that's how our identical twins developed.
The whole pregnancy went better than expected and without any complications (in general, this kind of pregnancy is very risky). The girls will be 3 months old on the 1st of July. Thank you very much for all your help!



I am a doctor and I had never thought of trying alternative medicine before. But after a severe flu that turned to pneumonia, I started coughing chronically. Of course, I used the medicines I was given to treat it, but since the symptoms did not improve and I knew what side effects the medicines could cause, I decided to try TCM on the recommendation of a friend.
Despite my medical knowledge, this was a fresh and unfamiliar experience for me. Rachel explained that my lung system was weak and that I needed herbs to strengthen it. However, as I feel that ancient Chinese medicine and its approach are unique and worth considering, I followed her instructions and treatment. After the first visit, my cough improved, but it took a while for it to disappear completely. Even after my cough was cured, I took Rachel's advice to clean and further strengthen my lung system, as I work in a hospital, so this is useful. I seem to be more resistant to flu and have more energy as a result of the TCM treatment. But most importantly, the TCM has really helped to get rid of my cough, so I am very happy with the treatment.


Quick delivery

At 3.00 pm, when I was for a really short time breathing through my contractions standing, my water broke. Then came two really strong contractions (during which I threw my glasses to the other side of the delivery room, it hurt so much). After the water broke, when the little one literally fell into the canal, the CTG no longer detected the baby's pulse... and then there was a slight panic. The obstetrician and another midwife came into the delivery room. I immediately had to go back to bed and the next thing I knew, I was in a full-push labour. At 3.10 my husband managed to get into the delivery room (we were lucky that one midwife rushed to find him to go to the emergency centre, so he undressed and changed on the way).. and at 3.14 I got 2960g heavy and 49cm big happiness 🥰 Everything really happened so fast that everyone in the delivery room was surprised...and I was in shock, under adrenaline...of course because of the speed of the birth and the fact that the little one had to be born as soon as possible, cut and stitched.
The recovery that followed was really quick and not painful for me.
Once again, a heartfelt thank you for all the supportive therapy I received from you. I strongly believe that it contributed to a positive outcome and a birth experience that will remain a really fond memory for me.



I suffered from severe back and leg pain for more than 6 months. During this time, I was unable to stand or sleep, and I used crutches to help me walk. I was also unable to do housework and gardening, which is my favourite thing to do. Neither pills nor physiotherapy could relieve my pain. But then I heard that acupuncture was an effective pain reliever. I can't believe it, but after three weeks of intensive treatment, I can walk without crutches!


It helps

I can't explain why, but therapies help me. First they helped me with wrist pain, and later with sinus infection.


The experience of giving birth after acupuncture treatment

In ### and ### I went for acupuncture treatments in Novo mesto and was taking your herbs. My due date was 20.#., I gave birth on 23.#.

I had a bit of bad luck because my husband got sick with coronavirus shortly before the birth. So I had to give birth in Ljubljana, and during the delivery they confirmed that I was also positive. I probably would have given birth earlier, but the coronavirus thing and giving birth under special circumstances completely crushed me until I took matters into my own hands.
As for the birth itself and the acupuncture... What can I say, it didn't disappoint me this time either. The birth was dreamlike, considering the circumstances. I was woken up in the middle of the night by intense 3 min contractions, headed to Lj and upon arrival at the maternity ward was 6-7 cm dilated. The contractions intensified and within half an hour our baby, 3420g and 51cm, came into the world with a completely natural birth. The birth itself was quick and intense and I delivered her without any cutting or stitches. After I got home, I also got the signs and got sick, but that's another matter.
The birth was really what I wanted and the acupuncture worked exactly as I expected.

Thank you so much for everything, to you and the doctor, for helping me prepare for a wonderful birth that I was able to do on my own, without my husband present due to the circumstances at the time.

I recommend you to all mothers-to-be :)


A very positive treatment environment

I started coming to TCM for acupuncture and herbal healing when I was trying to improve my mental and physical health so that I could start a family later. I found the environment where I went to the therapies very positive and it helped me to balance the different types of stress I was facing in my life.



I had acid reflux problems for a very long time. My wife was seeing Rachel because of her menopause problems, so I thought I could give the therapy a try. I started receiving acupuncture treatments and taking the herbal formula GI Care to relieve the acid I was having problems with. It didn't help at first, but my wife advised me to be patient as the treatment takes time. I was hesitant at first because I had tried many other things and medicines, so I was sceptical. I only persisted because I thought to myself that I really needed a change and an effective cure. Slowly the acid became less intense and I had less and less problems with it, so I regained my hope. After 30 years of acid reflux problems, I can say that I no longer need medication and I no longer have problems.



​This was my first experience with this kind of treatment, so I didn't know what to expect. I was amazed how you can feel the energy flowing through your body! I have never felt anything like this before! Rachel creates a relaxing atmosphere and she is very knowledgeable.



I have been a regular customer of the TCM Center since it opened, so I was very happy that Rachel reopened the center after closing the old one. I went back to her last month for shoulder pain. I couldn't dress by myself, and my arm hurt even while I was sleeping, so I immediately thought of Rachel. After just one acupuncture therapy, my shoulder pain was half gone, and after the second therapy, it was completely gone. Now I can move my arm normally again. I highly recommend it!



Only positive experiences, I'm happy to continue visiting ;)



I had problems with acne on my face and back, which was very annoying and made me feel self-conscious around friends. My doctor prescribed antibiotics, but they only helped when I was taking them. I have tried lots of products, diets and treatments. I also became vegan and stopped eating white sugar, chocolate, fried and fatty foods, but the acne still kept appearing.
I changed all my soaps and started using olive oil and water (like the ancient Greeks did) and figuring out what I was allergic to.
Then I went for full-body acupuncture to regulate my hormones. My acne problems were so bad that my mother thought I was sick. All the pores on my face were full of oil. Sometimes I even had to miss school because of severe infections.
Three months ago I decided to go for acupuncture and after just three weeks I noticed a significant difference. My skin was glowing and healing faster. At the end of the second month, I was only halfway through my acne medication and my skin was perfect. Now it can be like that even without the medication, but sometimes little pimples still appear.

The needles used in acupuncture are not really needles - they are as thick as hair and are placed just under the skin. There is no blood and they don't hurt. The herbal mixture may not be the tastiest, but the main thing is that it helps. I am very, very happy!

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