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Pregnancy andbirth

Postpartum care with TCM

TCM views childbirth as a portal to a uniquely different and perhaps even improved state of health. A woman's body and mind undergo enormous changes during this time. When a baby is born, her body is very open. After giving birth, a woman can be weakened, but if special care is taken, this can allow her to become even stronger. This requires excellent care of the new mother.

The one-month period after birth is called "zuo yue zi" (literally "sitting month". During this period, the mother must rest and do as little as possible. She is the primary source of nutrients for the baby, so she must be nurtured herself so that her baby can offers the best care.

What to do after giving birth?

  • Avoid cold things: no cold drinks, cold or raw food or cold water when bathing.

  • Avoid direct wind or strong air conditioners.

  • Do not use ice packs.

  • Get plenty of rest.

  • Avoid squatting.

  • Keep eating healthy food.

  • If possible, do not return to work too soon.

  • Take herbal preparations to help restore Qi energy.​

After giving birth, a woman loses a lot of blood and Qi energy. In TCM theory, blood and vital life energy Qi are connected, so loss of blood means loss of Qi energy. The mother is therefore weak and very susceptible to colds. During this period, the cold can easily penetrate deep into the meridians. This condition can later lead to symptoms such as muscle or nerve pain. The place where the pain develops is where the cold has remained. Even in summer, mothers are advised to avoid cold conditions.

Women are often given herbs after childbirth to restore Qi and blood levels. There are classic herbal formulas that are intended for exactly these conditions and stimulate the circulation of Qi and blood. It is not unusual for women to go through strong emotional changes after giving birth. Many suffer from postpartum depression. In this case, herbs are prescribed to stabilize emotions.

V različnih obdobjih nosečnosti se materino telo drastično spremeni. TKM spodbuja in obnavlja fizično, čustveno in celo mentalno harmonijo. Pomaga ohranjati notranje ravnotežje in dobro počutje, da se lažje soočite s spremembami, ki jih nosečnost prinaša za žensko telo in misli.

Prenatal Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Ko se rodi otrok, je njeno telo zelo odprto. Po porodu je lahko ženska oslabljena, če pa se izvaja posebna nega, ji to lahko omogoči, da postane celo močnejša. Za to je potrebna odlična nega novopečene matere.

Postpartum care with TCM

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