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Pregnancy andbirth

A traditional Chinese medicine approach to childbirth


China is one of the most populous countries in the world for a reason - because it has a powerful tool to help with childbirth, namely traditional Chinese medicine, which helps to treat menstrual problems, infertility and impotence, prevent miscarriage and difficult births, as well as recovery after childbirth. We manage all this with a technique that we have been using for thousands of years.

Health first


Reproduction is the most basic and yet crucial animal instinct. The reproductive process begins long before intercourse and conception. In order to reproduce, we must first survive and be healthy, so it's always good to take care of your general health if you want to become a parent. According to TCM, children inherit the innate energy of their parents. This particular energy is known as 'kidney essence', which represents the purest and strongest type of energy. It turns into building blocks and a blueprint for our development. Modern science calls them stem cells and genes. Essential kidney energy is actually the foundation of an individual's energy, because it cannot be changed and it never dries up.


The health of the parents at the time of conception directly affects the quality of the child's constitution. After conception, the main task of the mother is to provide the fetus with nutritional and growth energy during the nine-month period of pregnancy. The mother's physical and spiritual well-being are also important for the child.


Most parents-to-be attend prenatal care classes and prepare rooms for their babies. But what can they do to prepare their body before pregnancy to create a healthy and intelligent child? They can start by cleansing their bodies and filling their bodies with energy to create a healthy environment for their unborn child.

Preparations for and during pregnancy:

  • Rest and take occasional naps.

  • Relax in nature.

  • Get enough sleep.

  • Reduce stress and workload.

  • Don't let your friends scare you with horror stories about pregnancy.

  • Eat healthy, but avoid cold and raw food.

  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol.

  • Meditate regularly and try to think positively.

  • Don't smoke.

  • See an acupuncturist and get your energy levels assessed and check and deal with potential health problems at an early stage.

Is it safe to take herbs during pregnancy?


Yes, without a doubt, as long as they are prescribed by a qualified practitioner who is familiar with herbs that pose a risk to pregnant women and therefore does not prescribe them. Herbs act as energy support during pregnancy. During this time, some therapies, such as detoxification and cleansing the system, are temporarily suspended.

What are the benefits of TCM?


  • Provides safe relief from general pain.

  • It helps prevent miscarriage.

  • It helps prepare the body for birth.

  • It helps with recovery after birth.

How to stay healthy during pregnancy?


There are many herbal formulas that can be used to treat many conditions that can occur during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum state. For example, herbal medicines can also be used to maintain an individual's strength and vitality. Childbirth, breastfeeding, and recovery all require a great deal of Qi and Blood energy, so Chinese herbs can also be prescribed to increase and replenish Qi and Blood, helping a woman recover.

Chinese postpartum restriction


坐月子, zuò yuè zi, literally means 'sitting moon'. Although some practices arouse much controversy and debate among younger and older Chinese generations, they can be beneficial for both mother and newborn if done carefully and correctly. It is sad to see that many of the younger generations of Chinese people assume that Western culture is always right and more advanced, so they regard Chinese postpartum restriction as superstition and medieval nonsense. They don't realize that small but correct habits can be the cornerstone of future health or vice versa.

V različnih obdobjih nosečnosti se materino telo drastično spremeni. TKM spodbuja in obnavlja fizično, čustveno in celo mentalno harmonijo. Pomaga ohranjati notranje ravnotežje in dobro počutje, da se lažje soočite s spremembami, ki jih nosečnost prinaša za žensko telo in misli.

Prenatal Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Ko se rodi otrok, je njeno telo zelo odprto. Po porodu je lahko ženska oslabljena, če pa se izvaja posebna nega, ji to lahko omogoči, da postane celo močnejša. Za to je potrebna odlična nega novopečene matere.

Postpartum care with TCM

Za stvaritev otroka sta potrebna dva
Pari, ki si trenutno ali v prihodnosti želijo otroka, bi morali skrbeti za svoje zdravje. Eden od šestih parov se bo namreč soočil s težavo neplodnosti. Odgovornost morajo prevzeti tako moški kot ženske. Več kot 30 % težav z neplodnostjo nastane zaradi moških, pri 10 % pa sta odgovorna oba partnerja.


Kmalu. Prosimo, da redno obiskujete našo spletno stran, se naročite na naše novice ali nam sledite na Facebooku.

V TKM se impotenca razume kot moč ali šibkost moške spolne funkcije, ki jo povezujemo z energijami določenih funkcijskih sistemov, med drugim tudi ledvičnega, jetrnega ter srčnega. Ledvični sistem je ključen za spolno delovanje in razmnoževanje.

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