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Men care more and more about their health and talk more about the various problems that are most important to them: maintaining a healthy body weight, sexual vitality, sustained peak performance and long life. These topics have been at the forefront of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) throughout history, so there are many treatment protocols specific to men's health. TCM can be used to reduce the risks of male-specific diseases, eliminate the underlying causes of them, or to ensure optimal overall male health.

This is a list of the most common male problems we face:

Although these symptoms do not immediately seem life-threatening or even related to more serious chronic diseases, Chinese medicine takes them seriously and as early warning signs.

Find and treat cause

TCM believes that the kidney system is very important because of the central store of 'vital energy' which is the source of strength and pure building material. It is also an energy store and can send backup energy to other systems when they need additional energy assistance. When the kidneys themselves are depleted of energy or when they do not function properly, other systems suffer as well.
The more than obvious ignoring of such annoying symptoms will not only affect the quality of your male life, but can eventually affect the length of your life and lead to the development of more serious diseases. Preventative action is a Chinese medicine principle for promoting health and well-being – if you notice any of these symptoms, address the hidden imbalances in your body and your lifestyle today to ensure a long and healthy life.

Here are some care tips that can help you maintain energy and healthy functioning of your kidney energy:

1.      Manage stress
Stress requires a lot of mental energy, which, in addition to the liver and heart systems, is mainly supported by the kidney system. Chronic stress constantly forces the kidneys to send additional energy support to the liver, i.e. the organ most affected by stress. When the kidney system is exhausted, the individual may suffer from insomnia, burnout, hair loss, etc. Try to reduce stress by daily stretching, meditation or qigong.


3.    Eat foods that are good for your kidneys
Egg yolks, walnuts and black sesame seeds contain a medicinal essence that supports the functioning of your kidney system. (If you are allergic to nuts, you must first treat your allergy.) Moderate consumption of seaweed and oysters is also beneficial.


2.     Recharge energy with proper nutrition
Food is a suitable source of renewable energy for the body, which is metabolized by the stomach and spleen in order to power other organs every day. Eat warm meals with cereals and don't forget breakfast. If you don't eat breakfast, the body draws energy from limited reserves to power its activities, instead of using the renewable stomach energy generated by your digestive system.


4.      Make sure you get enough sleep and don't stay up too long at night
Sleep is a process in which the body renews itself. During this time, part of the essential kidney energy is also recharged, just like the battery of our mobile phone is recharged. If we stay awake for too long, this means a double depletion of energy reserves, as we not only use up additional energy, but also slow down the energy charging process. That's why it's good to keep a regular schedule and make the need for sleep one of your priorities.


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